By this time, most of your Christmas shopping is wrapping up (hopefully!). Did you remember everyone on your list, including your horse? The staff at EVA compiled a list of our top gift ideas in case you need any suggestions!

1. Winnie’s Cookies: What horse wouldn’t want more treats? Winnie’s Cookies are made with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, so they are actually a nutritional supplement. Check out their website for a complimentary sample of the cookies. And don’t worry, we won’t tell your horses they are good for them!

2. Likit: Likits are a line of products with yummy treats in them designed to help give stalled as well as pastured horses something to do. The toys have different challenge levels depending on how inquisitive your horse is. There is also a Likit sampler available that has several different favors to allow you to figure out which ones your horse likes.

3. Bit warmer: Make winter riding a bit more pleasant on those miserably cold days by first warming up your horse’s bit. Several products are available that will get the job done quickly while you are saddling up.

4. Horse Box: Horse Box is a subscription that delivers a box of goodies for your horse to your doorstep each month. The box includes treats, grooming supplies, and more, and every once in a while they throw in something for you, too. Truly the gift that keeps on giving!

5. So Southern products: So Southern is a line of hand made products from one of our very own clients. The products are crafted with premium materials with Southern charm and can be monogrammed to make a one of a kind gift. Or favorites are the saddle covers (both English and Western) and baby pads. Check out their website for other products that are available.