gastrogardCurrently, Gastrogard is the only omeprazole product on the market labeled for the treatment of equine gastric ulcers. However, there are several compounded formulations available from veterinary pharmacies. One of the limiting factors in treating gastric ulcers is the cost, and therefore owners often seek out these compounded products to ease the financial strain.

Studies have shown that compounded products rarely contain the concentrations of omeprazole listed on the label, and their efficacy greatly diminishes over a short period of time. Gastrogard was found to contain 99% of the labeled omeprazole concentration on day 0.  Concentrations in compounded products ranged from 100% to 68% on day 0. On day 30, Gastrogard was found to contain more than 97% of the labeled concentration of omeprazole versus the compounded formulations, which ranged from 88% to 45% by day 30. Additionally, Gastrogard is the only FDA approved treatment for gastric ulcers.  This means you can have peace of mind knowing that extensive research was performed to ensure safety and effectiveness.


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