Should I Sweat It?

Anhidrosis is a term given to horses that do not sweat, and this condition is most common in hot, humid climates like where we live in the Southeast. We do not know exactly what causes anhidrosis, however it is believed to be a problem with sweat glands and their response to nervous signals. Sweating is essential for thermoregulation, and it is important to recognize this condition in your horse as it can lead to overheating. Signs include not sweating, lethargy, increased respiratory rate, and increased temperature. Horses can be partial sweaters and exhibit some of these signs, and some can even sweat appropriately during certain parts of the year but not in others.

What should I do?

There are several management changes that can be done, and a few oral supplements are also available. We recommend a few different supplements that our clients have had success with: New Xiang Ru San, Platinum Performance Refresh, and One AC Powder.  It is important to remember that prevention is key.  If you know your horse has a problem with anhidrosis, it is recommended that you start a supplement routine before the summer temperatures reach their peak.

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